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  • “Educational Reform : Impact to Library Resources, Services and Linkages”, May 28-30, 2013, Sacred Heart Center, Convention Hall, D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City.
  • “Resource Description and Access (RDA): Cataloguing Standard for the 21st Century”, October 16-17, 2012, Xavier University, Ateneo de  Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City.
  • “Assessing Service Quality: User Feedback as a Strategic Tool”, May 15-17,2012, Grand Convention Center, Cebu City
  • “Philippine Educational Reforms: Challenge to Librarians”, May 17-19,2011, Grand Convention Center Cebu City
  • “Enhancing Librarians’ Knowledge on Cataloging and Culture Heritage”, May 19-21, 2010, Grand Convention Center Cebu City
  • “Culture and Communication: The Art of Librarianship” May 19-21, 2009 Grand Convention Center Cebu City
  • “Intellectual Property Rights: A Taste for Librarians and Information Professionals”, May 20-22, 2008, GCC
  • "The Library Reloaded: Creating a New Ambience for the Library Users", May 29-31, 2007, Cebu City Sports Club, Cardinal Rosales Ave., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
  • "Strategies for Libraries Sustainability and Viability", May 23-25, 2006, Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City
  • Study Tour, Singapore, March 28-31, 2005
  • "Enhancing the Competencies of Libraries in Global Environment", May 24-26,2005, Grand Convention Center, Banilad Cebu City
  • "Developing Historical Resources for Academic Libraries", May 25-27, 2004, Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City
  • "Keeping Fit and Healthy in the Workplace", May 29-30, 2003, Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City
  • "Financial Management of Libraries", May 15-16, 2002, Montebello Hotel, Cebu City
  • "Access and Ownership: Library Resources in the Digital Age", May 23-25, 2001, Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City
  • "Forging Strategic Partnership: Libraries and the Book and Electronic Publishing Industry", May 23-26, 2000, Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City
  • "The Portfolio of Librarians Competencies in the Next Millennium", May 27-30, 1999, Harbor View Hotel, Cebu City
  • "ALBASA Towards Global Competitiveness", May 26-28, 1998, Centrepoint Hotel, Cebu City
  • "The Filipino Librarians Response to Global Change", May 20-22, 1997, Harbor View Hotel, Cebu City
  • "Library Communication: The Language of Leadership", May 16-18, 1995, Harbor View Hotel, Cebu City
  • "Access to the Information Highway Through Libraries", May 16-18, 1995, Harbor View Hotel, Cebu City
  • "Total Quality Management: In Search for Service Excellence", May 26-28, 1994, DECS- ECOTECH, Cebu City
  • "Quantification of Service for Library Effectiveness: Some Practical Approaches", May 26-28, 1993, USC Girls High Cultural Center, Cebu City
  • "Measuring Library Performance", April 5-8, 1992, Ateneo de Zamboanga, Zamboanga City
  • "Exploring Library Assistance Program Through ALBASA", May 30-June 1, 1991, Velez College, Cebu City
  • "Bibliometrics and Collection Development", May 31-June 3, 1990, Cebu Doctors College, Cebu City
  • "Understanding the Book Trade", May 29-June, 1989, Cebu Doctors College, Cebu City
  • "Accreditation: Path for Library Development", June 3-4, 1988, Cebu Institute of Technology", Cebu City
  • "Values Re-Direction", May 3-7, 1987, University of San Carlos, Boys High School, Cebu City
  • "Viability in Time of Crises", May 13-14, 1986, St. Theresas College, Cebu City
  • "New Curricular Thrusts and the Library", May 10-11, 1985, University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City
  • "ALBASA Operation", May 26-27, 1984, Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion, Cebu City
  • Study Tour, Singapore, May 30-June 3, 1983
  • "Computer Application in Libraries", April 8-10, 1983, Townhouse, Cebu City
  • "ALBASA: Retrospect and Prospect", May 14-16, 1982, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City
  • "Developing Filipiniana Historical Resources for Academic Libraries", May 14-16, 1981, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City
  • V Congress of Southeast Asian Librarian on "Access to Information", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 25-29, 1981
  • Acquisition of Periodicals Through ALBASA", January 24-25, 1980, Sarabia Manor, Iloilo City
  • Library Accounting and Budgetary Procedures Through ALBASA", January 18-20, 1979, Zambayan Hotel, Zamboanga City
  • IV Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians on "Regional Cooperation for the Development of National Information Services in Southeast Asia", Bangkok, Thailand, June 5-9, 1978
  • "Folklore Literature: Source and Resources for Collection Development", January 20-21, 1978, Townhouse, Cebu City
  • "Collection Development Through ALBASA, INC.", March 26-28, 1977, De la Salle University, Taft, Metro Manila
  • "Acquisition Procedure of ALBASA, INC.", March 19, 1976, University of San Carlos, Cebu City.
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